1923:       Born on 24 June in Lyon, France.
1937:       First photographs, taken with the Vest Pocket camera his father used during the First World War.
1943-44: Joined the resistance and the underground war in 1944
1945-48: Studied engineering in Lyons.
1948-50: Worked in a factory.
1951:      Left the factory and started photography.
1953:      Moved to Paris, met Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa who invited him to join Magnum.
1954:      Sent to London by Capa to learn English and to photograph.
1955-57: Six months to reach India by car, where he stayed for one year. Then to China for a four months stay, being the first western photographer in Mao’s China.
1958:      From Alaska to Mexico by car.
1959:      Elected European vice president of Magnum.
1960:      Three months in URSS.
1961:      Several visits to African countries emerging to independence.
1962:      Covered the Algerian Independence.
1966:      Winner of the Overseas Press Club Award for his book The Three Banners of China.
1969:      Overseas Press Club Award for his book Face of the North Vietnam.
1975-76: Elected president of Magnum.
1979:      Resigned from Magnum and became independent and contributor.
1980-88: Photographing in the East and in Europe.
1985:      One man show at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris.
1988-91: Several visits to Huang Shan, the mountains of Chinese Painters, followed by a book “Capital of Heaven” published in France, USA, Germany and a travelling exhibition. Several visits to Angkor, resulting in a book: Angkor Buddhist Serenity, published in France, USA, UK.
1996:      Published the book Forty years of photography in China. Travelling exhibition in Paris, London, New York, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bilbao, etc
2000–01: Working on Istanbul, which leads to the publication of Istanbul 1954 – 1998.
2002:      Life Time Achievement Award, in New York.
2003:      Published Shanghai tomorrow 1957 - 2002, Delpire Paris 2003; texts in English, French and Chinese. Exhibition at the Musée Carnavalet.
2004:      Photographing Leeds, England for The Guardian 50 years after his first trip in 1954.
2004:      The exhibition at the MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photo) lasted seven months with over 100 000 visitors, mostly young people, encouraging for his work. Published 50 years of photography in French and English, and Capital of Heaven in French and English and German.
2005:      Exhibition in New York Hermès Gallery, March 2005. Major exhibition: a collection of his best photographs at the Kahitsukan Museum in Kyoto, October-December
2006:      Exhibited at Minneapolis Institute of arts, March-May 
              Palazzo Reale, Milan, June-September
              Exhibited and published at the Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art
2007:      Spazio Mazzotta, Oriente, March / April
2008:      Exhibition “home on the road” in Howard Greenberg gallery, New York, January 2008
               “Marc Riboud and his friends in China” Shanghai, April Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery, May / June
              Exhibition “May 68” at place de la Sorbonne and Lycée Louis Le Grand, Paris
2009:      Exhibition “Leeds 1954-2004”, Leeds, Historical Museum, England,
2009:      Exhibition "L'instinct de l'instant" at the Musée de la Vie Romantique, March-July
2009:      ParisExhibition "Photographies Inédites de la Tour Eiffel" at Galerie Arcturus, Paris, April-May
              Exhibition at Gallery Fine Art in Moscow, April
              Festival Fotograpfie Porto Allegre, Brazil, April
              "Marc Riboud & Ara Guller, around the Bosphore" at Promenades Photographiques de Vendome, June
              "Marc Riboud Democracy?" at Stadt Museum, Weimar, October-November
              Publication of Algeria Independence, ed Le Bec en l’Air
              Publication of The Tibetans, ed Imprimerie Nationale
2010:      Exhibition "Marc Riboud" at Le Carmel, Tarbes, February

1923年6月24日    生于法国里昂。
1937年                用其父在一战中使用过的袖珍照相机摄下他的第一组相片。
1943-1944年       参加了法国抵抗运动和1944年的反法西斯地下游击队。
1945-1948年       在里昂学习工程学。
1948-1950年       在一家工厂任职。
1951年                辞去工厂工作,从事摄影。
1953年                迁居巴黎,结识了昂利·卡蒂埃-布勒松和罗伯特·卡帕,二人邀其加入玛格南图片社。
1954年                在卡帕的指导下前往伦敦学习英语和摄影。
1955-1957年       驾车历时六个月到达印度,于当地逗留一年从事摄影工作。随后前往中国停留了四个月,成为了毛泽东时代中国第一位西方摄影师。
1958年                车行由阿拉斯加至墨西哥。
1959年                当选为玛格南图片社欧洲分部副主席。
1960年                在苏联进行为期三个月的摄影旅行。
1961年                多次访问了几个正在取得独立的非洲国家。
1962年                见证了阿尔及利亚的独立。
1966年                以摄影作品集《中国的三面红旗》获海外新闻俱乐部奖。
1969年                以摄影作品集《北越面面观》获海外新闻俱乐部奖。
1975-1976年       当选为玛格南图片社主席。
1979年                辞去玛格南主席一职,成为自由的摄影人。
1980-1988年       在东方和欧洲从事摄影工作。
1985年                于巴黎现代艺术博物馆举办个人展。
1988-1991年       多次游历有“中国画者之山”之名的黄山,随即发表摄影作品集《天都》,相继于法国、美国和德国出版并举行了巡回展览。多次游历吴哥,继而发表了摄影作品集《吴哥,佛教中的宁静》,于法国、美国和英国出版。
1996年                发表摄影作品集《行摄中国四十年》,并于巴黎、伦敦、纽约、北京、新加坡、香港、毕尔巴鄂举办巡回展览。
2000-2001年       在伊斯坦布尔从事摄影工作,从而发表摄影作品集《伊斯坦布尔 1954-1998》。
2002年                在纽约获终身成就奖。
2003年                发表作品集《明日上海 1957-2002》,2003年由巴黎德尔皮尔出版社出版,有英、法、中三国文字版本。于巴黎卡纳瓦雷博物馆举办展览。
2004年                在1954年他第一次访问英国的50年之后,为《卫报》拍摄英格兰地区的利兹。
2004年                于巴黎欧洲摄影博物馆举办了为期七个月的展览,参观者超过十万,大多为年轻人,这一点大大鼓舞了他的创作。期间用法语和英语展出了《50年摄影集》,用法语、英语和德语展出了《天都》。
2005年                3月,于纽约赫尔墨斯画廊举办展览。
2006年                3-5月,于明尼阿波利斯艺术学院举办展览。
2007年                3/4月,于意大利Spazio Mazzotta东方画廊举办展览。
2008年                4月,于上海举办“马克·吕布和他的中国朋友们”摄影展。
2009年                于英格兰,利兹,历史博物馆举办“利兹 1954-2004”摄影展。

Marc Riboud